Membership to MUSPPA2STEM is open to individuals or school or state or non-state organisations. To join one has to complete an online registration form.

Once registered one will join a network of “STEAM implementers” whose aim is to popularize STEAM among children, youth and adults in and out of schools.

A school (primary or secondary, private or public ) is free to register, and stands to benefit from implementation of STEAM initiatives through public private partnerships. MUSPPA2STEM will have opportunities for implementation of STEAM programs, resources and benefits gotten from local and international networks.

An organisation (state or non-state or corporate or international organisation etc.) can join MUSPPA2STEM as an implementer or funder or both. As an implementer the organisation will have excellent opportunities to implement STEAM programs that will help the attainment of national (Vision 2030, Big Four Agenda etc.)and global agenda such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). An Implementer or convener can spearhead a STEAM initiative with support from the MUSPPA2STEM secretariat which will mobilize others partners to join.

A Funder will support STEAM initiatives in their areas of interest. Funders ard crucial for expanding the boundaries of STEAM to include supporting emerging innovations from students by helping in patenting and scaling them up to viable enterprises. MUSPPA2STEM relies on the goodwill of state and non-state players to drive faster the STEAM initiatives in Kenya. A funder can choose to be a diamond, gold, silver or bronze sponsor or even a one off funder.

Someone can also register with MUSPPA2STEM as a volunteer. A volunteer can support the secretariat or be available to implement STEAM initiatives i.e. mentor during outreach, facilitator during festivals, provide expert talks, community mobilizer, judge during robotics competition etc. Volunteering provides opportunity for one to develop critical organisational, leadership, mobilization and facilitation skills among others.

Therefore, by joining MUSPPA2STEM family is committing to supporting joint STEAM initiatives in Kenya. However, the Advisory Boards reserves the rights to accept or reject application for registrations.