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Students pursuing careers at the university and other tertiary institutions are presumed to have advanced knowledge and skills to apply them in their respective fields. They are considered frontrunners to those in secondary schools and best placed to be their mentors. However, several reports have alluded that most Kenyan graduates lack employable skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving. Very few are said to be competent and able to apply their knowledge and skills acquired.

Those pursuing STEM-related careers have failed to make a mark in their area of specialization. The country still relies on expatriate to build roads, hospitals, operate high tech machines among others. This is despite more than five thousand students graduating with diploma and degrees in these STEM field every year. We are yet to see groundbreaking innovations or inventions from our graduates.

To increase the quality of our STEM graduates we posit the need to enhance their capacities by providing them opportunities to be insightful, emotional intelligence, problem-solving and critical thinking. Some of the opportunities include:


High School Mentorship


Conferences & Symposiums




Robotics and Coding