The STEM outreach brings together students and teachers from neighboring schools for a day, preferably on a Saturday, to experience STEM. The day’s activities include expert talks from leaders and university students, demonstration of scientific concepts and sessions for students to experience Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

The purpose of the outreach is to inspire students in STEM related field. Mentors, drawn from the local universities, are invited to interact with the students and share with them their experiences. On the other hand, STEM Expert organizations facilitate design studios where students are expected to have hands on, minds on and hearts on experience.

During the outreach teachers accompanying students will be involved in a professional development (PD) session. The PD is aimed at helping them support students’ innovation, creativity and problem solving. The local administration, political leaders, local education officials, industries, museums, library, non-state organizations are involved in the planning and execution of the outreach.