The Ministry of Education through the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA) has identified 102 schools (mostly extra county) to be STEM Model Schools. The idea is to transform these schools into centres of excellence and front runners in inspiring students to pursue STEM careers.

With the implementation of the New Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) the country will need to increase the number of STEM Model Schools from the current 102 to more than 3,000. These schools have to include not only national and extra county but also county and sub county schools. Regardless of their status, location and entry behavoiurs the STEM Schools need to be inviting and magnetic for learners, teachers and parents.

A school, regardless of their categorization, can choose to become an inviting and magnetic STEM Model School. By joining MUSPPA2STEM a school will increase their chances to be an Inviting and Magnetic STEM Model School through implementation of STEM initiatives.