In May 2018, Multi Sectoral Public Private to Science, Techology, Engineering and Mathematics (MUSPPA2STEM) registered the National STEM Learning Ecosystem (NSLE-Kenya) as one of the members of STEM Learning Community of Practice. NSLE-Kenya joined sixty-eight Ecosystems in the United States of America and three countries (Israel, Mexico, & Canada) in the Community of Practice. In a nutshell, MUSPPA2STEM drives the NSLE- Kenya agenda.

The Kenyan Ecosystem or NSLE-Kenya is the first in Africa and has been represented in two Convenings in Orange County, California in November, 2018 and Cleveland, Ohio in October 2019. During the Convening, the team made several networks with other ecosystems with high likelihood of further collaborations in several STEM initiatives e.g. Festivals, museum hubs, robotics & coding, invention education, chief science officers programs among others

The idea of the ecosystem is to bring local STEM players to the table to consider working together. An ecosystem would include schools, museums, libraries, industries, local community, private enterprenuers, funders among other. Currently, MUSPPA2STEM has brought together government agencies ( i.e. TSC, Vision 2030, MOE/KSEF, KARLO, CEMASTEA, KICD etc), the National Museums of Kenya (NMK), non state STEM expert organisations ( i.e. STEMEX EA, Junior Achievers, ISchoolclimate Consultants, GMin Inc, YSK, IBM EA), school principals’ association (KESSHA & KPSA), Corporates (i.e. KCB, KPLC etc), non profit organisations (i.e. ICL-Africa, GPF, AAS etc.), and Universities (i.e. UoN, KU, & MUT). However, there is a lot of organisations focused on STEM that are still not on the table. Such include libraries, telecommunication companies, manufacturers, several research institutes are some of the notable missing organisations.

It is notworthy that Teaching Institute for Excellency in STEM (TIES) has offered to support the NSLE-Kenya to develop a robust ecosystem by providing a coach. Ms. Julie Stolzer, the coach, has been in contact with the NSLE-Kenya steering team through regular virtual meetings (at least once fort nightly). In addition, TIES has been sponsoring two delegates to represent the NSLE-Kenya at the Convening which has led the establishment of international STEM networks. A good example is the collaboration between the Lemelson Foundation and members of NSLE-Kenya (i.e. CEMASTEA, GMin Inc & Play Point EA).

MUSPPA2STEM is the convener of the NSLE-Kenya as the vehicle that seeks to implement STEM collaborately as after school initiatives. It is anticipated that through MUSPPA2STEM, local STEM Learning Ecosystems (SLEs) in every County will be established. Therefore, the main role of MUSPPA2STEM is to reach out STEM expert organisations to work together and form a local or be part of the national ecosystem.