Although Festivals i.e. cultural, music, drama etc. are common in Kenya, no STEM Festival has ever been organized. In 2019, MUSPPA2STEM has piloted two STEM Festivals in Nairobi and Mombasa which provided valuable lessons that will inform future execution and expansion to other major towns.

The festival is an outdoor celebration of science, technology, engineering, art & design and mathematics designed to be carried out by the whole family – children, youth and adults. The main goal of the STEM Festivals is to increase awareness of the critical role science and other STEM fields play in our everyday world.

Activities from the Home science, Earth Science (e.g. Agriculture, Geology etc.) and Art & Design are also considered as STEM field. There are opportunities for attendees to handle high value science equipment (e.g. Microscope, CRO, Ripple Tank, etc.). This is a great chance for learners from low resourced schools to bridge their gaps with those from well-resourced schools.

The coordination of the STEM Festival is normally done by one or more local organizations or local STEM Learning Ecosystem. The ecosystem is expected to include STEM schools, local industries, museums, corporates, political leaders; professional bodies, state and non-state STEM expert organizations among others. MUSPPA2STEM role is to provide technical support e.g. the design studios and fund-raising. Teachers, university students, high school students, volunteers, innovators are encouraged to join in as facilitators.

MUSPPA2STEM endeavor to popularize STEM Festivals as annual activities in the major towns across the country. In a nutshell these festivals are expected to create awareness, equity and inspiration in the STEM field.