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This is anchored on the principles of Invitational Education Theory and Practice (IETP), proposed by Novak and Purkey, advocates creating inviting and welcoming school climate by focusing on the aforementioned five aspects or 5Ps.

The purpose for designating 102 schools as model schools for STEM across the country was to make them outstanding in all aspects – people, process, programs, policies and place.

The theory is described using the star fish model.

People –teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders – are crucial increasing Inviting STEM Model Schools. They are expected to create positive interrelationships based on trust, respect, and optimism suitable for learners and teachers to realize their fully potential.

Processes refer to the way things are done to arrive to a decision. Some school processes have been associated to interruptions of school programs. We encourage schools to consider adopting processes that espouse 21st century approaches to decision making – democratic, consultative, teamwork among others.

Programs that are enriching learning are required in all schools for live long learning. Frequent, school fires observed in public secondary schools every second term has been blamed on pressure due to examinations. Schools can create inviting climate for their learners if they offer a variety of after school programs i.e. robotics, coding, trips, etc.

Policies include rules and regulations normally set by adults who determine the school culture and ethos. STEM Model schools need policies that encourage participation without fear of making a mistake. When a school policy on “breaking a test tube is to replace with ten others” then students will shy away from doing experiments. Policies should increase one’s self-worthy and not retrogressive to create fear, de-humanization and intimidation.

Place refers to physical infrastructure that constitute then school including the environmental aspect. Focus is on providing an aesthetic and pleasant for people associated with the school. The STEM Model Schools are expected to provide clean, well-organized and safe environment for living, working and learning.

To encourage schools creating inviting and welcoming school, MUSPPA2STEM mobilizes stakeholders to carry out community service learning exercise also known as STEM Clean Up. The STEM Clean Up exercise is carried out by students with support of stakeholders who provide technical expertise and tools.

During the STEM Clean Up students learn how to use STEM skills to clean and organize their school to be inviting or welcoming. Activities will include painting, scrubbing, unblocking sewage, arranging their labs etc.