Chief Science Officers (CSOs) are students elected by their peers through a democratic process to popularize STEM initiatives in their schools. The CSOs become part of students lesders who experience special leadership training to popularize STEM in their school, local and national community.

The CSO Programs targets the secondary schools to increase students’ voices in STEM conversations. The overall aim is to inspire students in problem solving, increase STEM pipelines and build a strong 21 st century STEM workforce. Specifically, the CSOs are expected to spearhead the creation of makerspaces as spaces for innovations, inventions, robotics, coding and tinkering. They will also be expected to use STEM skills to address problems facing their school and local communities.

The process of identifying the CSOs must be democratic competitive and not selection. Ideally, school announces opportunity for students to nominate themselves or their peers to be CSO for their class. Nominations are followed by presentations by candidates who are then voted by their peers.