Robotics and Coding

The current generation is described as “digital natives” since they were born and brought up when digital technologies were replete. Most of them joined school when they were already familiar and able to use digital tools such as mobile phones, internet, television remote etc. Unfortunately, they found the school environment altered negatively for lack of digital tools or inadequacies associated with their teachers. The introduction of robotics and coding in primary schools will positively alter the school environment to the benefit of the “digital natives”.

The MUSPPA2STEM will organize National Robotics Olympiad to provide as many youths as possible opportunities to develop creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and other 21st century skills through robotics and coding. The Olympiad will also enable the students to join the global community in addressing common challenges i.e. Climate Change. It also provides them the opportunity to meet with opportunity to meet other youths involved in robotics and coding at the international level.