Invention Education

Invention Education (IvE) is about exploring, design thinking, imaging, discover and creation. Our interest is to nurture teachers who are able to create conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge.

Invention Education is meant to improve on the existing practice of students exhibiting same ideas (which are mostly no theirs) in science and engineering fairs to developing their own. The idea is to help learners, right from the elementary level identify a problem and use design thinking process to develop a feasible solution(s).

For learners to be able to be inventive they need to develop certain traits and dispositions which are empathy, creativity, curiosity, resilience, calculated risk taking, passion, resourcefulness and tolerance for ambiguity and complexity. Working with partners of the Kenyan National STEM Learning Ecosystem (NSLE-K) we are eager to roll out IvE in Kenyan Education System from the elementary level.

MUSPPA2STEM is determined to increase educators’ knowledge and experience with inventing, invention process, and its iterative nature. We organize sessions aimed at immersing the educators in activities they can implement in their classroom to build the skills of invention. The overall goal of MUSPPA2STEM is to incorporate the tenets of IvE into the country’s curriculum.