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The government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the United Nations

International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) introduced the Child-Friendly School (CFS) initiative in primary school. The purpose was to improve the quality of learning and management in schools by creating a child-friendly learning environment. CFS emphasized inclusivity, democratic practice and child centeredness.

Inviting and magnetic schools are not only friendly to children but teachers, parents and other stakeholders. Attributes of an inviting and magnetic school are the ones that would make parent choice the school for his or her child and not the other. They are reasons that make a corporate or investor invest their money, time or energy to support a school. An Inviting and Magnetic Schools demonstrates excellence in five key areas: people, processes, programs, policies and place or physical environment.

A study carried out in public primary school in Kenya’s largest urban low socio-economic setting showed that ‘despite the squalor and extreme poverty it is possible to set an inviting and magnetic school environment. The study showed very high ratings by both teachers and students on aspects related interpersonal relationships (people), decision-making process (processes), variety of activities for learners (programs), messages to encouraging adherence to rules and regulations to both learners and their parents (policies) and cleaning of compound, toilets, class arrangements (place).

Building on the CFS intervention, MUSPPA2STEM will mobilize stakeholders to support the primary school to become inviting and magnetic to children, teachers, parents and visitors. This will be possible through teachers training.