After the release of the Form 4 examination results in December, candidates have to wait for nine months to know their career pathway. This period is normally characterized of anxiety, uncertainties and huge disappointments since the placement process is not only determined by performance but also available space. Many students find themselves enrolled for courses they have no clue about or universities they did not select. A pre-college experience in STEM that focuses on providing opportunities for candidates to understand the demands of engineering would be useful in guiding their decision making.

During the long period prior to joining colleges candidates could be attending experiential engineering sessions at a local university. Although, they will have already made choices of courses during before sitting for their exams, the pre-college sessions are meant to help them understand the demands of their choices if they opted for STEM related careers.

The sessions will designed in such a way that they address candidates’ deficiencies in practical or experimental work which is posited as the main contributor to high attrition rates in engineering courses. In a nutshell, the pre-college sessions will be useful for candidates to re-assess their course selections.  For those who would have missed the places in their choice courses they could consider pursuing them in middle level colleges such as the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges as well.