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MUSPPA2STEM has a three tier governance structure comprised of an advisory council, convener’s forum and secretariat.

The Advisor Council is involved with policy formulation, resource formulation and over-sight.

The Conveners’ forum is the technical arm of MUSPPA2STEM that develops, implements and evaluates the “Annual STEM Action Plan – ASAP”. 

The Secretariat is involved in day-to-day management of the activities as agreed by the Convener’s Forum and approved by the Advisory Council

Framework for Implementation: MUSPPA2STEM is governed by the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Basic Education Act 2013, Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) 2012 Act,  Science Technology & Innovation (ST& I) Act 2013, Industrial Property Act 2001,  and other government’s law.

The following are guiding principles:

  • Contribute to the furtherance of initiatives that will empower in and out of schools in science, technology, engineering, art & design, and mathematics (STEAM)
  • Recognise and adopt a ‘partnership-led’ approach by working in a collaborative and cohesive manner with public and private sector participants to support STEM activities is schools.
  • To support global and national initiatives that seeks to promote STEAM
  • Parties will carry out collaborative activities within their  mandates in a manner that their core competencies and contributions are valued and leveraged.
  • Parties should work together to ensure that all of their collaborative efforts are aimed at promoting  STEAM at the basic level based on meeting identified needs and respect of  education policies in place
  • It is expected that parties will adhered to agreed professional standards and codes of conduct in the course of carrying out STEM activities. They should work together to ensure that their collaborative efforts, and all involved in them, adhere to these standards and codes.
  • Parties with similar or overlapping mandates are expected to ensure they do not undermine, discredit or portray the other in a negative and unhelpful way during implementation. Instead they will be expected to work mutually and with respect.
  • The forum will not be used to advance interests of a particular partner nor used for promotion of sales but for empowering participants in STEM field
  • During implementation parties are encourage to meet their expenses but can also support each other based on their mutual agreement and consent. Parties will be responsible for their own accountability and reporting to their organisation’s chief executives
  • Preparation and implementation of activities has to engage local administration and education officials as much as possible.
  • Activities can be spearheaded by one party or by MUSPPA2STEM secretariat as agreed upon. However, efforts will be made to adopt common strategies where the secretariat will coordinate the activities
  • Parties will work together to ensure that they report publicly on their collaborative efforts using clear, consistent, and transparent reporting policies to their organisation, government agencies, sponsors/donors
  • Parties will develop and use defined procedures to qualitatively and quantitatively monitor and evaluate their efforts with the aim of being as systematic and impartial as possible to generate lessons to improve future engagement.