The Multi Sectoral Public Private to Science, Techology, Engineering and Mathematics (MUSPPA2STEM) is a public private not for profit organisation. MUSPPA2STEM was formed in 2016 by like minded STEM expert organisations to build synergy, remove dublication and competition in the implementation STEM initiatives at the basic level of education ( pre-school, primary & high schools). Therefore, MUSPPA2STEM is considered a “fellowship of believers in joint implementation of STEM initiatives in Kenyan schools”.
The main goal of MUSPPA2STEM is to nurture students to become “effective lifelong learners equipped with appropriate knowledge, generic skills as well as values and attitudes, neccessary for facing challenges in the 21st century”. The membership to MUSPPA2STEM is open to schools, local industries, corporates, registered associations, business community, government agencies, universities, TVET institutions, foundations, state and non state STEM expert organisations.
Those who join this fellowship commit to supporting implementation of STEM initiatives in schools as a strategy to realize the Global (SDGs, Agenda 2063, CESA 19-25 etc) and National (Vision 2030, Big 4 Agenda, CBC etc) aspirations.

 To provide Competent, Innovative and Agile STEM Workforce

 To nurture students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to become problem solvers and future job creators

Unity for Synergy